Fresh cut Orchard Gray Hay ready for delivery to your barn. This is excellent quality Oregon grown Hay very suitable for your horsesOrchard, Meadow Grass, Timothy

Well irrigated fields

Quality grown Hays from Oregon











Welcome to SoCal Hay
California's source for premium horse hay. With generations of experience as farmers and horseman we understand the need for quality horse hay.

   - Specializing in mountain grown orchard, timothy, alfalfa and meadow mixes

   - Direct from our farms to yours

   - Delivered in truckloads and squeeze unloaded at your farm

   - Providing hay contracts and barn storage for the 2021-2022 season

   - Professional hay buying for Large horse farms, feed stores and brokers.
     Quality and Quantity all year.

Hay Season is Here!

Orchard, Timothy, Meadow, Alfalfa, Alf/Orch Mix, Mixed Grass, Bermuda, Teff Hay, grain Hay, 3-Way, Straw & many more!!! You name it we have it!!!

250 -500 bale loads - 3 string 100# bales - delivered and unloaded -

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Demand is high so call today to place your order.
Don't run short on hay for the Winter call to discuss a contract that will work for your farm.



After a great season - with our Central Oregon hay fields, we have added more this year. This area produces the best Orchard Grass and Mixed Grass hay in the country. We are excited to be able to provide these premium products to our clients.




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Located in Central, California To Better Serve You!

A Window to Our Hay Fields







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