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SoCal Hay is owned and operated by
Jason Allensworth

Our goal is simple: Provide great hay at a fair price with the best customer service.

We want to say THANK YOU! to all of our customers for making this past season a success! As we go into another new hay season we look forward to serving all of you for many years to come and welcome new customers in our journey along the way! You have our commitment and dedication in providing you the absolute best hay and customer service anywhere period!

At SoCal Hay we work very hard to maintain great quality and consistent feed for your animals. We know that everyone's needs are different and specific. As a customer, when you partner with SoCal Hay for your feed needs, you will have access to hay from all of our farms in many different regions of the country. This allows us to maintain consistent quality for you throughout the year regardless of conditions in one particular area. At SoCal Hay we are unique in the fact that our hay never leaves our hands until it reaches yours. We maintain supply year round and only ship with our trucks to provide the most reliable service possible direct to your location. We do not bid our loads out to the cheapest trucker to haul as most do or buy from a middle man. This leads to unreliable service and unreliable quality as well. We only use our own trucks to transport our hay to you to ensure reliability. Calling us direct to place your order will prove to be the most efficient cost effective reliable way of getting consistently great quality hay for years to come! We look forward to your call!


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