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WE scour the country, talking with farmers, inspecting fields, and looking at hay, to find you the hay you’re looking for.

After consulting with vets, nutritionist and competing horseman that Orchard grass, Timothy and Alfalfa/grass mix is the best hay you can feed your horses. Combined with a balanced grain and supplement will provide your horse with a healthy diet.

Depending on what your horse does for a living well depend on their diet. Please speak with your veterinary about your horses diet.

Is very balanced hay for the working or pleasure horse. With its soft, sweet blades, minimal stem, 7-14% protein, lower fat and good fiber content.

Is the perfect hay for the competing or easy keeper, with lower sugar levels, 7-12% proteins, and high fiber.

Provides the working horse with higher levels of protein and calcium, high fiber and sugars.

AT SOCAL HAY we believe that straight Alfalfa is not a suitable Diet for most horses due to its higher levels of protein, yet combined with a grass hay diet it can be utilized to help put weight on a skinny or older horse and can greatly benefit pregnant or nursing mares. We commonly supply alfalfa to dairy farms and cattle ranches as well. Be very careful of feeding early cutting alfalfa due to its very high levels of protein to your horses.





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