We are always looking for flatbed truck loads that need to go to Oregon & Washington,

Call us for a low rate.






SoCal Hay

SoCal Hay proudly owns our own fleet of specialized hay trucks and hay squeezes along with experienced drivers working very hard to ensure your hay arrives safe and on time for your horses.

Currently we deliver in full and half truck loads
12-26 tons or 250-500 bales

Notice: Full loads will be delivered before split loads.

We want you to understand that most of our hay is shipped hundreds of miles and we try to avoid moving hay in bad weather. So please give us 1-2 weeks notice before delivery is needed.

At SoCal Hay our hay is unloaded by Hay Squeeze (pic in lower left corner) and will be stacked in blocks of 64 or 68 bales as it comes off the truck.1 squeeze block is approx. 8’x8’x10’ tall.

We will gladly set up an appointment time to meet with you at your location and go over delivery/stacking options in advance. From barn size on new construction projects to tarping, we can help with many questions or concerns you may have to ensure your delivery goes smoothly. When stacking hay outside for storage we recommend stacking on pallets to keep your hay off the ground. Each block will require 4 pallets, while a full truckload will require 32 pallets.

We also have a direct tarp supplier for those customers in zoning areas that will not allow hay covers or barns to be built.

We are always looking for flatbed truck loads that need to go to Oregon and Washington, Call us for a low rate.


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